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Puppy Supply List

These items are not required for you to purchase prior to bringing home a puppy, but rather suggestions/recommendations for dog products that I use. Below you will find a link to some of the products, if you purchase please purchase through my link (this gives me credit toward dog supplies). I have a written explanation with each of the products listed below, but I am working on creating a YouTube Channel so that I can better explain and give examples.

*All of the items that have the Amazon link are of the cheapest price/best value. I get credit for advertising each time an item is purchased from my website, so please use my links.

First item on my list, a good book, and I have several that I recommend, just ask me about the other books. Cesar Millan is one of the more well know trainers and his methods are proven and driven with dog psychology. You can watch him in action on YouTube. 

PetMate Navigator (Plastic Crate)
Yes, plastic, no not the wire crate. So dogs are den animals, which one looks more like a den? The wire crate also has a couple of flaws that make it dangerous. There is a wire edge that sticks up at the entrance of the wire crate, an excited dog can get his/her foot caught (I have had this happen). Puppies sometimes wake at night and have a desire to chew and have been known to chew on the wire. I've had a puppy think that he was caught so he bit down more and started crying, the wail of a puppy at 3 am wakes everyone in the house. You can't cover a wire crate to make it feel like a den, the new puppy will pull the blanket/sheet through the bars of the crate. I have tried just about every crate on the market, the Petmate Navigator is the best I have found so far. The door can be opened from either side or can be removed completely. The inside of this crate is smooth, no sharp edges, and it's built to last. The link is set to a size that I could not change, so please change the size to a 28" or the 32" for a young puppy. Once the puppy has grown/matured I recommend switching to the 36" (typically between 6-10 months).

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness
This is absolutely my favorite piece of equipment. No more mushing (leash attaches at the front of the chest). The dog can't pull, when they try they are turned and forced to be facing you. This harness is easy to use, no stepping in, one clip and it's on. I have ordered this over and over, selling it to my puppy clients and showing them how easy it is to use. Before just purchasing please ask me what size I recommend, that way you have the correct size the first time. There's nothing more frustrating than placing an order to find out that it's the wrong size. A 10 week old puppy with an expected adult weight between 30-40 lbs will need the size small. An adult dog between 30-40 lbs will need a small/medium, yes they have the harness in half sizes which makes it even better.
Training Bells
Wouldn't you love for your dog to ring the bell to go outside? Teaching this task is relatively simple if you follow these rules. Hang the bells next to the door (not on the door). Only ring them with the dog, have him/her gently tap (either with their nose or paw) the bells before opening the door to go out. The bells should not be rung if you aren't taking the dog out. The bells should never be rung vigorously, only gently tapped. Teach a key phrase for the act of going outside to go potty, like "do you need to go potty?" Say phrase when the puppy/dog rings the bells.
Oatmeal Tearless Shampoo
Oatmeal is good for the skin, tearless is what I always recommend for all puppies/dogs, and this one has a good fragrance to it. If you are having a problem with fleas wash your dog/puppy in dawn dish soap (not the head obviously, as it burns the eyes). 
Grizzly Bear Salmon Oil
This is a great supplement that I give to all of my dogs. This is one of the ways that I make their food more enticing, this is added in twice a week. The best way to look at this is, would you want to eat plain cheerios for every meal for the rest of your life? Neither does your dog, so add good stuff in, this is just one of supplements.
Probiotics are good for dogs/puppies just as much as they are for people, but don't give your "human" probiotics to the dog. There are several different formulas, different types, all for dogs/puppies. I like to change brands every 10 months or so, a change in the formula is good from time to time.
Andis 2 Speed Clipper
This is my favorite clipper, the first one I bought lasted just shy of 3 yrs and that's using it all of the time. It is quiet and it doesn't blow air (many of the models blow air and it just makes a bigger mess with the hair). If you are planning on doing all of the  grooming, then this is the clipper for you. Grooming is typically needed every 6 weeks, grooming fees are $50-$75 if you take your dog to the groomer, so choosing to groom your dog can save you money in the long run. Honestly, when you groom your dog it's a very bonding experience for both the dog and the owner.
Blade Covers
This is what you put on the blade to give you different coat lengths. If you want that uniform look where the hair is all one length then you will need these.
Blade Cleaner/Moisturizer
This is what I use to keep my blades clean and working properly.
Ear Care?
All Poodles and most Poodle crosses have hairs that grow out of their ears, many times the hairs originate in the deepest part of the ear. This hair needs to be removed and the ears kept clean and dry. To achieve this the hair needs to be pulled or "plucked" out, many groomers use hemostats to accomplish this in a quick manner similar to having your brow waxed. I do not use hemostats, I teach each puppy to lay in my lap while I gently pull hairs out using just my fingers. It takes longer than just pulling everything at once, but they tolerate it and almost seem to know that it's good for them. My adults will easily stand at my side to have their ears done. Hair that's growing in the ear is slippery and will slide right through your fingers, I use an ear powder that I sprinkle on the hairs that need to be pulled out. I start from the outer ear and work my way in. I am happy to demonstrate this to you when you are getting ready to take a puppy home, I can even clean your puppy's ears in front of you on the day you pick up, no worries I'm flexible and this is one area that is important to your new best friend. Below you find find pictures of the products that I use to keep the ears clean.

Dental Care
Yes, your dog needs to have their teeth cleaned. If you don't brush then tartar and decay can become a problem a little later in life and you could find yourself having to schedule a dental cleaning with your veterinarian. I have found that brushing can be a chore with some dogs that just don't enjoy the process. A simple way to keep your dog's teeth clean is to invest in a dental toy. I recently purchased several different types and brands to see what would become a favorite for my dogs. The favorite was the green cactus which I have included the Amazon link to be able to order. Instead of just giving the toy to the dog and allowing access 100% of the time I recommend that you have a scheduled time each day, meaning give it to him/her and set your timer for 30 min and take it up at the end of the 30 min, put it away and repeat each day. This way it will keep your dog's interest in chewing on it. If your dogs begins to show less interest in it, take it up and order several different types so that you can rotate them out (a different toy each day for four days in a row and then rotate back to the first toy). You will want to use dog toothpaste with the toys, I have included the Amazon link for the Arm & Hammer toothpaste which is the one that I use. I have a YouTube video that shows the products in action, just go to YouTube and search my name Robin Crubaugh, you will also see many more informational videos there.
Where can I buy the dog food that you use? I want to keep my puppy on the same food
The dog food that I use is Life's Abundance, the Small and Medium Breed Puppy formula. This food can't be purchased in a store it is only available to purchase on-line. This is the highest quality food for the price that I have found so far. The food has multiple protein sources (chicken, duck, salmon, and herring) which if you look you will find that most foods only have one protein source, sometimes two. Please use my direct link to Life's Abundance to purchase your bag of the Grain Free All Life Stages formula. If the website doesn't automatically come up, please copy and paste the link to the address bar

By ordering from my link I get credit toward my dog food, I appreciate everyone that orders through my site, this is a big help for me, thank you.