Big Doodle Dreams
Robin Crubaugh
59 Deerwood Trail Road
Blairsville GA 30512

Everything you need to know

 before you visit

    Planning on visiting me? I am very welcoming to visitors, but I do have a few guidelines that I ask everyone to follow. Please understand that when you have decided to visit and meet puppies (when the puppies are 6-7 wks old) that puppies are more vulnerable/susceptible to illness, so my overcautious nature is for their protection.

  First please don't visit another breeder, pet store, humane society, or anywhere where there are dogs/puppies. Parvovirus is the number one killer of puppies and it doesn't need a host to survive. That means that it can live on a surface for a prolonged period of time and that it can easily be picked up on your shoes to be tracked around where ever you go. Puppies that have been vaccinated against parvovirus can still catch it and die. Parvovirus is highly contagious and I do everything in my power to prevent it. You will be asked to wear shoe covers if we go into the nursery, and I am currently looking into a type of sanitizing system for shoes. Please wear comfortable sneaker type shoes, avoid wearing heels or sandals/flip flops. I bleach the bottoms of my own shoes every time I visit an area that has been frequented by dogs and if I take a dog/puppy to the vets office when I return I immediately give the dog/puppy a bath. This may sound extreme, but so far it's worked.

   When you visit please understand that you are visiting my home, my private, personal life, my children, etc. Please be respectful, this is where I live with my family. Please stop to use the restroom before you arrive. I will try to accommodate you as far as scheduling a visit, but please be flexible. I prefer a later afternoon/early evening visit.

   All of my puppies go to pet homes, if you are a breeder or are considering breeding then you need to move on. I don't sell my puppies with breeding rights.