Big Doodle Dreams
Robin Crubaugh
59 Deerwood Trail Road
Blairsville GA 30512
Dreams Scooby
Scooby is a very gentle and affectionate boy. His color is brindle (brown and black/gray stripes). He is the perfect size 28 lbs. He comes from AKC champion parents with an extensive health tested background. He is clear/not a carrier for PRA, PRCD, DM, and VWD. I have 3-4 litters planned with him for the 2020 year.
Dreams Jiminy
Jiminy is a very sweet boy, he is a moyen Standard Poodle (38 lbs). He is genetic heath tested for PRA, PRCD, DM, and VWD, double negative for everything (not a carrier and not affected). He is also color tested and only carries for the colors black, white, brown, and the patterns parti and phantom. He is overly friendly and has never met a stranger. He has taken on the lead role and will be producing Aussiedoodles, Sproodles, Goldendoodles (my nephew's litter), and Moyen Standard Poodles. If you are interested in one of his puppies or would like to visit and meet him just give me a call.

Frost (Australian Shepherd)
"Frost" is my beautiful Australian Shepherd. He is an awesome boy, loves my children, loves attention, and loves to retrieve. He was easy to train and is always in high drive ready to go. He is a nice size, 19" and 40 lbs. Frost is no longer making puppies for me, he is back with his breeder at a guardian home and will sire a few Australian Shepherd litters for her.
Max (Aussiedoodle f2b) Retired, Lives here with us and can be met when you visit, just ask

    Max is a standard aussiedoodle standing 23" and weighing 50lbs. He is an F2b, both of his parents are aussiedoodles. He has the structure of a poodle and the coat of a poodle, but he is very driven to work. He is highly intelligent and learns very easily. He was housetrained in the first day and learned sit, down, stay, and come in less than one hour. He works as a service dog for my children and is very good at what he does. He loves to work and is happiest when he is working. He has absolutely no fears of anything and has never met a stranger.


    As some noticed I don't have any pictures of Max working with the children. We avioded doing this for several reasons. First, because it would distract the boys, they like the camera and would want to pose rather than allowing me to get a candid shot. Second, going in public with a dog already brings attention, having a camera will bring even more attention. Last, when taking photos in public I have to be able to crop (remove) people from the picture, I wouldn't want my picture on someone else's web page and not know about it. I am going to do my best to get some pictures of Max and the boys out working. I may have to sneak some shots with the phone camera. Look for those pictures to be posted soon.

      A quick note about Max's coat and how I have him groomed. Yes, in most pictures his face is shaved (not a preferred look), there is a real reason for this. My boys have sensory issues and the additional hair around the mouth bothers them when Max nudges them. So, keeping his face shaved has prevented this problem, though it makes him look more like a poodle.

                A couple of Fun Stories About Max


    Our first outing to a restaurant was a true adventure. We had decided to go out for pizza, normally we bring pizza in and eat at home. The pizza restaurant is very noisy, and it was even noisier on a Friday night. We were meeting up with family, so we had a back room. We made it in and Max went under the table and did exactly what I had trained him to do, he laid down under my oldest son's feet. My oldest son had a difficult time with the noise, but Max distracted him. When the pizza came my son dove right in and went to eating, but lost a piece to the floor (or so we thought). I looked under the table expecting to see Max eating my son's pizza, instead Max was still laying there only he sported an entire piece of pizza on his back. He did exactly what he was trained to do, he didn't touch the food. I was amazed and honestly I still am. At the time Max was only 7 months old. He just amazes me.


    On another time I had been training Max at night, 9 pm and later at Walmart. It just makes sense, there are less distractions and my children are in bed (you can't train a dog when you are taking care of children). We were out at Walmart, working as we normally do. There was a baby in a different asile, she began to cry. I didn't think this would upset Max, but it did. He had this strange sense that the child was in danger and he kept wanting to lead me in that direction. I managed to keep him focused, but he is very in tune with children.

If you look closely at his markings on his face you will notice that Max had a good amount of white on his face and head when he was a puppy, but now that he is older those small areas have turned more solid. Also as a puppy he didn't have much ticking, but as he has gotten older you can see how the ticking is everywhere. Expect this same thing with his offspring.