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This page was last updated on 12-11-22

Olde English Bulldogge

None available at this time, next litter planned for the spring of 2023

I do not sell my puppies with breeding rights
I do not place my puppies in guardian homes
I do not stud out to anyone else's dog

The Olde English Bulldogge is smaller than the American Bulldog and larger than the English Bulldog. They are typically between 17"-19" tall and 55-75 lbs, healthier than the English Bulldog, but not as large as the American Bulldog. They are easily trained with food, but can be stubborn and want to do things their way. They are calm, gentle, loving, and enjoy being part of a family. They are a shedding breed, but due to their very short coat the shedding is minimal. With early socialization they can get along with other dogs, cats, and strangers. They can be protective of their family should the situation arise, but typically they are quiet and only bark if there is a good reason to bark. I have a YouTube video titled “Introduction to the Olde English Bulldogge”, check it out on YouTube, I have three videos posted and have different dogs in each. 

I felt the need to have a protective dog and after much research I had decided on the Olde English Bulldogge. I had an Olde English Bulldogge previously, but never was able to take the dog to his full potential, this time I have really enjoyed my girl. This is a stark contrast to having an Australian Shepherd or an Aussiedoodle, much calmer, much quieter, less demanding. My girl is now 3 yrs old, she's very sweet, she doesn't jump up, she's not going to knock anyone over, no she doesn't drool (she might drip water when she drinks, but no different than any other dog), she's quiet (unless she has to go out), she sleeps/snores/chews bones/snuggles. I will say that the first year is the hardest year, but it's so worth the work and training, she loves us and will protect us. I hope this answers many of the questions I get asked, call me if you would like additional information or if you would like to be added to my reservation list.

All puppies are born and raised inside my home, I will not sell to anyone that intends to keep one of my puppies outside. All puppies come with a two year genetic guarantee, two sets of vaccinations, microchipped, first dose of heartworm/flea prevention, and initial potty training started.

*Breeding rights/registration papers are an additional fee, I would prefer that my puppies go to pet homes.

Call for additional information, pictures, and videos (706)-994-1678
Phone calls only on initial contact, I like to get to know each family before they take a puppy. I am interested in hearing your story, everyone has a story and I enjoy learning about this new family that is getting ready for a puppy. Call me, don't expect a short conversation as I want to make sure I answer every question you might have, even questions you haven't thought of. I love my dogs, they are part of our lives, and I look forward to hearing from you.

I am a no pressure breeder, I don't take deposit money prior to a litter being born and deposits aren't due until the puppies are 2-3 weeks old (once their eyes are open and my vet clears them healthy). If you would like to reserve an Olde English Bulldogge you will need to call me, expect a lengthy conversation, the decision to purchase a puppy should never be rushed.

All puppies are expected to go home the week that they turn 9 weeks. If your puppy needs to stay beyond 9 weeks, the boarding fee is $10 per day once he/she turns 10 weeks. The boarding fee includes food, grooming/bathing, supplements (probiotics and vitamins), crate training, and any subsequent de-wormings. Additional vaccinations given beyond 9 weeks are $20 (given at 10 and 12 wks of age). I prefer that my puppies are picked up by the time they turn 16 weeks, as it is best for the puppy to acclimate to their new home/environment.

*Reservation list: to hold a place on a future litter you just need to contact me (phone call). I DO NOT require a deposit prior to the whelp date. I firmly believe that a litter should be born and each puppy evaluated by a veterinarian prior to deposit money being sent (not until the puppies are 2-3 weeks old). The reservation list is based on when each individual contacted me, with those that have waited the longest at the top of the list. I always reserve the first pick girl to stay here and then make my decision by the time they are 6 weeks old, most of the time I don't keep a puppy. Please contact me to see which puppies are available.

Many additional pictures and information can be found on my training page.
Visit my training page for additional pictures and information
With my focus on training I have built a pavilion for my dogs with the potty box built right in the deck. I had several ideas in mind when I did this, but my goal was to avoid having wet/muddy dogs in my home on rainy days. I don't like the outdoor kennel idea and I wanted to avoid concrete and keep with the concept of training the dogs to use both the grass/lawn and a "potty" box. To read more about this concept please visit my training page.